Are you looking for a stair lift alternative?


For people with reduced gait function and balance issues the stairs at home more often than not become a hurdle that then needs to be overcome on a daily basis.

What are the options people with mobility issues face in this situation?

  • moving to a care institution
  • rebuilding the home
  • moving to a new home without any stairs
  • installing a stair lift
  • using only one level in the home
  • installing a home elevator
  • installing AssiStep
Stair lift alternative AssiStep comparison lift

These options are either very costly or decrease the living space substantially or both. In addition, all of these options will inevitably lead to a reduction in the already reduced gait function and overall well-being and health of the person.

If you are still able to walk and climb the stairs but need more support and safety while doing so – the AssiStep is the perfect stair lift alternative.

Staying active and mobile is your own bodys’ medicine and will help you to maintain your remaining gait function and can even improve it. This will ultimately result in being more confident in your own abilities inside as well as outside of your own home.

If you – like the majority of people – prefer staying in your own home, installing one of the stair assist devices mentioned above is unavoidable.

Stair lift alternative AssiStep alternatives
The options for stair aids for elderly and for people with reduced mobility are extensive. Here are some examples:
  1. The stair walker AssiStep
  2. Stair lifts
    • Seated stair lifts / Chair lifts
    • Stair lifts with a wheelchair platform
    • Standing stair lifts
  3. Vertical lifts / Home lifts
    • Vertical lifts with a shaft
    • Vertical lifts without a shaft
  4. Platform lifts / Step lifts
  5. Portable step lifts
  6. Powered stair climbers for wheelchair users.

AssiStep - a great alternative to a stair lift or home lift


The walker for stairs AssiStep is a

healthier and cheaper alternative to a stair or home lift

for those who are still able and who still want to walk the stairs and stay active and mobile yet need some additional safety and support.

Stair lift alternative AssiStep up the stairs

Stair lift alternative AssiStep

Our goal was to make sure that people who already use mobility aids as well as seniors can stay safe and more independent for longer and continue living in their own home.

This and not having to rely on outside help by friends, family or care givers were just two of the many reasons for why we developed the mechanical stair lift alternative AssiStep.

How is the AssiStep different from a stair lift?

The AssiStep is a fully mechanical product which is comprised of a handrail and a handle.

The handrail is installed on the wall along the stairs and the handle is fastened onto the handrail and comes with a patented locking mechanism to prevent the user from slipping or falling on the stairs.

Every time the user puts pressure on the handle, it locks instantly.

The AssiStep can be installed on almost every type of stair and blends in neatly with your home.

It is a completely mechanical stair lift alternative and is used by people who have still some gait function left.

How do I use the AssiStep?

Stair lift alternative AssiStep designOn your way up the stairs:

When climbing up the stairs, hold on to the lower part of the handle.

  1. Push the handle one armlength from you forward and upwards. Your arms must be fully stretched.
  2. Take a step up the stairs.
  3. Repeat this for every step you take.
Stair lift alternative AssiStep manOn your way down the stairs:

When descending the stairs, use the upper part of the handle.

  1. Tilt the outer edge of the handle slightly up.
  2. While tilting, push the handle in front of you and downwards until your arms are fully stretched,
  3. Release the tilting motion so the handle locks and take a step down.
  4. Repeat this for every step you take.

View the video for instructions on how to use the AssiStep

What are the advantages of the AssiStep:


  • Gives the chance for daily exercise
  • Offers more independence and motivation
  • Even fits on narrow stairs – unlike stair lifts
  • It adapts in your home like a high-quality bannister
  • Loose the stigma and get back your self esteem
  • Restore the confidence in yourself and your abilities
  • Enjoy the freedom to choose your own home
  • Regain control over your life and get a boost for your sense of well being